For Mac Eyes Only – A Parley in Podcasting

Season 13, Episode 10 (#380)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike is joined by Dave to talk the value of Apple User Groups and getting started with podcasting. Do you have something to say? With little more than your Mac, a mic, and some free software, you can get started. Mike and Dave share their experiences podcasting, talk about the software and tools they use, and share some simple tips for you to get started podcasting too!
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Macintosh 30th: How Did I Get Here?

Barry_1InfiniteLoopI found myself in Cupertino attending the Mac 30th bash recently at the Flint Center. How did I get there? Well besides my peculiar penchant for driving everywhere, I have to step back and look at the community that got me here. [Read more…]