For Mac Eyes Only – Apps in the Spotlight

Season 17, Episode 16 (#415)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Eric revisit last episode with news of a new XLoader variant and listener feedback from Darren. Then, inspired by a talk at Macstock VII, Mike & Eric dig into their Applications folder to uncover seven “hidden” apps in macOS that you should be using!


> XLoader Makes a Return


> Macstock VII Digital Pass
> Protecting Your Mac Against Malware (Apple Support)
> Jill McKinley’s Start with Small Steps podcast
> QuickText (for Mozilla Thunderbird)
> TypeIt4Me
> Typinator
> View PDFs in Preview (Apple Support)


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Running Time: 1:41:02


  1. Lisa McLennan says

    This Apps in the spotlight episode was really great. I have to go back and re listen for sure. You asked what other hidden apps we’d like to know more about. My “wish I knew more” are : Disk Utility, activity monitor, stickies and photo booth. I am sure I don’t know the 1/2 of it. Keep up the great work! You are gems.