Episode 430: The Final PDF Thumbnail Shortcut

Sample Shortcut discussed in Episode 430 to create a 500 pixel wide JPG thumbnail from the first page of one or more selected PDFs:

Screenshot of PDF Thumbnail Shortcut

Episode 409: Coding Samples

Sample Code to Recap:
Calculate area of circle using variables and print statement:

let radius = 5.0
let pi = 3.14159
let area = pi * (radius * radius)

print("The area of a circle with radius \(radius) is \(area)")

I learned how to simplify that print statement and created a version 1.1:

print("The area of a circle with radius ",radius," is ",area)

What about?

let area = pi * pow(radius,2)

Turns out: To use the pow function, something called the Foundation library (framework) has to be imported to your program.

This library helps you with common programming tasks that aren’t covered by the core Swift language and its standard library

UPDATE!!: Writing pow(radius,2) is an important correction to what I said in the episode!
The area of a circle with radius 5 is most definitely NOT 9817.46875!

SO my improved (1.2) version of the Area of a Circle calculator is:

import Foundation
let radius = 5.0
let pi = 3.14159
let area = pi * pow(radius,2)

print("The area of a circle with radius ",radius," is ",area)

FMEO.TV – Securing Data in the Cloud

FMEO.TV Episode #024

In this episode of FMEO.TV, Mike shows how to add a little extra security to your cloud-based files using utilities built into your Mac.

Running Time: 14m 29s

FMEO.TV – Build an OS X / macOS (up to 12.0!) Boot Disk

FMEO.TV Episode #023

UPDATED to include up to macOS Monterey!

In this episode of FMEO.TV, Mike shows how to build Mavericks USB boot media using OS X’s built-in createinstallmedia command.

Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur & Monterey UPDATE: Great news! This command works just as well for versions of OS X and macOS up through Monterey! Simply substitute the correct file name in the Terminal command below and away you go!

Note the slight change with 10.13 – 10.15, 11.0 & 12.0. The –applicationpath switch has been deprecated (no longer needed).

Show Notes

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How-To: Use the 30th Anniversary Mac Font

Lisa wrote to ask how to type the Macs found in Apple’s 30th Anniversary Font:

I thought (the 30th anniversary font) was really cute … but I don’t know how to use them! Any ideas? I clicked on MAC ICON font in Pages but I couldn’t get the images to come out.

So you’ve downloaded the “hidden” 30th Anniversary Font Apple’s using on their website to celebrate the Mac’s birthday this month, and now you’d like to use it in your documents?

Well, you’ve come to the right place Lisa! [Read more…]

Macintosh 30th: How Did I Get Here?

Barry_1InfiniteLoopI found myself in Cupertino attending the Mac 30th bash recently at the Flint Center. How did I get there? Well besides my peculiar penchant for driving everywhere, I have to step back and look at the community that got me here. [Read more…]

Review: Apple EarPods

Reviewed by Xercisenut

EarPods in Case

EarPods in Case

This is my review of Apple’s EarPods (w/ remote & Mic). These new in-ear headphones from Apple normally retail for $29, but I purchased them using a special $7 off promotion, which translated to a discount of just over 24%!

Sure, some might think $29 is a lot for a pair of earbuds, but even without the discount, I think of the higher price of Apple’s headphones this way: it’s only 6 Starbucks big-fancy-drinks-worth of hardware; they’ll last longer than a Starbucks drink; … and they come with far fewer calories!  (And that’s definitely a “win-win” all around.)
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Chit Chat(ting) with Allison and Bart

Be sure to catch NosillaCast #369 this week when Mike joins Allison Sheridan and Bart Busschots in a much-longer-than-Allison-hoped Chit Chat Across the Pond in which we discuss the forte and foibles of Lion’s Auto Save feature.

Check out this week’s episode at NosillaCast #369


Lasting Value – On the Future of Our Older Macs

There is no denying that the world of Mac is changing. The dramatic success of iOS first had a significant impact on Mac OS X back in the days of Snow Leopard.

Snowy was always billed as a release not focused on features, but on stability, and it took a little while longer to arrive than was originally announced. We waited 22 months for it to grace the Apple Store shelves, but at the time, this made a lot of sense — we accepted that Apple’s teams were working hard on their iOS products. Snow Leopard may not have brought us ‘shiny’, but I for one was quite happy to settle with ‘stable’.

Since that time, that narrow focus on iOS has broadened back out. Lion brought some iOS concepts back to the Mac, as well as introduced iCloud. We now await OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion. Scheduled to be released a mere year after Lion, we are promised even more features ‘inspired by iPad’.

Wait a second. What was that? It is due to arrive this summer. Just one year after Lion was released.

A new release of OS X hasn’t come so quickly since the operating system was very young and was still being established and stabilised.

This strikes me as quite a shift, and it brings me to an important issue — how does this affect the lifespans of the Apple products we buy?

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The Omni Group: A Community Leader

After Macworld Expo, I often reflect on the Apple community. This event highlights the unique environment Apple has created for its users. There are many key individuals who highlight the community and one such individual is “Senior Statesmen of the Apple Community,” CEO and co-founder of The Omni Group, Ken Case. [Read more…]