Macintosh 30th: How Did I Get Here?

Barry_1InfiniteLoopI found myself in Cupertino attending the Mac 30th bash recently at the Flint Center. How did I get there? Well besides my peculiar penchant for driving everywhere, I have to step back and look at the community that got me here.

I literally got to the event because Mac Geek Gab co-host Dave Hamilton suggested I attend. And that wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t gotten stuck in Chicago recently one night and we shared a few beers. And that was because of Macworld and the likes of Paul Kent and many others where I first met Dave.

But even before that, when I first started using a Mac (a 17″ MacBook Pro running Tiger) I needed some guidance. I had experience with audiobooks and it seemed that podcasts would be a more immediate medium for me to learn about Macs, Apple, etc.

I went to iTunes and searched for Apple-related podcasts. The two I immediately found were Adam Christinson’s MacCast and Mike Potter’s For Mac Eyes Only.

They were my early guides into this world and I would search back through Mike’s archives to learn about the basics, catch up on news/tips and start to feel part of the community.

At some point along the way, Mike and I started exchanging emails; we found out we live relatively close by and Mike even suggested I do some interviews at an upcoming conference (New Media Expo).

This really kickstarted my ‘roving reporter’ status and I’ve been loving it ever since.

Mike and I just completed recording episode #297 and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did attending the Mac’s 30th bash.

People all over are celebrating the Mac’s 30th. I am also celebrating the community that Apple has created.

Thanks. Here’s to another 30. Cheers!

= Barry