For Mac Eyes Only – Happy Birthday Macintosh!

Episode #297

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike is joined by Barry who gives us a wrap up of the Macintosh’s 30th Birthday event held in Cupertino CA January 25th, 2014. Mike and Barry also share their first experiences with the Mac, discuss old Macs they’ve owned, and how Apple’s revolutionary device unveiled 30 years ago helped to shape their lives.


> Apple Executives on the Mac at 30
> iFixit’s Macintosh 128K Teardown
> Early Macintosh History:
> Timeline of Macintosh Models (
> MacPaint (
> Macintosh History: Odyssey: Pepsi to Apple by John Sculley (
> Macintosh History: Revolution in The Valley: The Insanely Great Story of How the Mac Was Made by Andy Hertzfeld (
> NosillaCast Mac Podcast


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  1. Lisa xercisenut says

    Hi – I thought this was really cute about the FONTS – but I don’t know how to use them! Any ideas? I clicked on MAC ICON font in pages but I couldn’t get the images to come out.

    As part of Apple’s 30th anniversary celebration of the Mac, Apple built a dedicated page to illustrate the evolution of the Mac year after year.

    Each panel features line-drawn icon representing the Mac portraying that year, and a friend of mine, Greg Barbosa, noticed these icons are actually characters that make up a special font.

    You can download the font to your Mac and explore each icon yourself, and I’ve created a gallery below to see each Mac drawing at high-res scale. Enjoy.

    Here is more on the font!

    I enjoyed the show a lot. My first mac was Jan 3 2005 an IMAC. I couldn’t believe that thing on the desk was a whole computer!

    I hope it doesn’t go away until I do!

    note: Slight editorial change made to clarify the text / URL provided -Mike

    • Hi Lisa!

      Yeah it’s tricky to use those fonts because Apple stuck them within a “Private Use Area” of the font file. That means they’re not readily accessible with normal key strokes.

      I have an app installed called PopChar X from Ergonis software that makes it fairly trivial to get at them, but it’s not so easy otherwise.

      I wrote a quick guide to inserting the Macs from your Mac’s keyboard and you’ll find that here:

      Hope that helps!