The Omni Group: A Community Leader

After Macworld Expo, I often reflect on the Apple community. This event highlights the unique environment Apple has created for its users. There are many key individuals who highlight the community and one such individual is “Senior Statesmen of the Apple Community,” CEO and co-founder of The Omni Group, Ken Case.

Ken has been gracious enough to provide For Mac Eyes Only interviews at the last two Macworld Expos (2012’s to be published soon). Ken always has a good pulse on the Apple universe and has provided several comments regarding OS X Mountain Lion I wanted to highlight:

One was specifically centered around Gatekeeper, Apple’s program to allow apps to be digitally signed and available for installation on OS X Mountain Lion outside the Mac App Store. Ken’s comments can be found on Gigaom:

The other comment was regarding his own product, OmniFocus. With the release of the Mountain Lion Developer Preview, Ken was quick to respond on his company’s forums about compatibility issues. An example is here: (see Post 10 for his initial response).

Finally, Ken granted us permission to republish one of their blog posts, which are five minute workshop videos for their products that were shown at Macworld. I highly recommend viewing these!

Bill Van Hecke of The Omni Group wrote:

“Thanks to all who came out to our booth at Macworld | iWorld 2012, tried out our apps, participated in the workshops, and picked up some classy embossed iPad sleeves. We always love getting to meet people face-to-face and talk about software!

Each of the workshops this year was designed to be a quick, interactive run-through of just a few of the things you can do with one of our iPad apps. We’ve just posted videos of the workshops for anyone who didn’t get to see them on the show floor. If you want a five-minute intro to what a particular Omni product is all about, these are a pretty excellent way to get it.”

Watch The Omni Group’s 5-Minute Workshops here:

Thanks Ken!