For Mac Eyes Only – A Parley in Podcasting

Season 13, Episode 10 (#380)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike is joined by Dave to talk the value of Apple User Groups and getting started with podcasting. Do you have something to say? With little more than your Mac, a mic, and some free software, you can get started. Mike and Dave share their experiences podcasting, talk about the software and tools they use, and share some simple tips for you to get started podcasting too!


> Apple User Groups
> Apple User Group Resources
> The MUG Center
> Audacity
> Skype
> CallRecorder for Skype
> Why Not CallRecorder for FaceTime?
> Zoom Video & Audio Conferencing
> Pamela for Skype (Windows)
> Blue Yeti
> Audio-Technica AT2035
> Audio-Technica AT2100-USB
> Zoom H6 (not related to Zoom Conferencing solution)

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  1. Simon from the Essential Apple Podcast here

    Guy Serle and I discussed starting a podcast recently on my show here

    I personally use Wire (which is free from as we found it cleaner and leaner than Skype) and I started out with just Skype, Piezo from Rogue Amoeba (which will by default split your recording into local on one channel and remote on the other), and Audacity (which is totally awesome with amazing tools like truncate silence)

    Eventually I expanded my toolset using Audio Hijack and then Loopback – and I actually record in SoundStudio (and I make a second recording using Piezo, just in case) Yeah I know I could record in Audio Hijack, or Audacity but I prefer to do it that way (I’m just odd that way)

    I use a farcically cheap microphone (Logitech E-UR20 USB Microphone which appears under a host of guises – which I stole from a PS or Wii game… ) which you can pick up on Amazon for about £10-£20 and an Amazon Basics £10 stand.

    Because I inherited the podcast I didn’t have to start from zero listeners – but even so I worked hard to put the name out there, I also decided to join the MyMac Podcasting Network which hosts Tech Fan, My Mac (Guy Serle’s show), Essential Apple, 3 Geeky Ladies, Geekiest Show ever and more which helped get the name out there and we always asked guests to promote a show they appeared on – and slowly we gained an audience

    • I’ve often said — and may have even had this conversation with Guy — that you can stick 100 podcasters in a room and poll them on the equipment and software they use and you will get 100 different answers. :)

      I still use to this day a headset I began podcasting with, a cheap Plantronics 1/8″, for monitoring and editing the podcast because I love the way they sound.

      Thanks so much for sharing your setup Simon!

      • Ha ha ha – I totally agree on that 100 Podcasters – Piezo, Audacity, Fission, SoundStudio, GarageBand, Reaper, just off the top of my head – and that is without the online options like Zencastr and Spreaker and Mixlr and all those… But that is part of the fun isn’t it? You can start with a laughably cheap setup – and you learn as you go. I knew nothing of sound recording or editing when I started… Now I know a tiny bit more (but I really just fumble about with the controls and hope in truth :D )

        • Hey 14 years of doing this and it can be legitimately argued, as one listener reminds me (kindly I should say), that I STILL no nothing of “sound recording”…but it’s a blissful ignorance! LOL