For Mac Eyes Only – MacBook Face Off

Season 11, Episode 16 (#358)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Eric and Dave discuss the new MacBook Pro and contrast it to other models in the lineup including Dave & Eric’s 2014 & 2012 models.
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For Mac Eyes Only – A Touchy Subject

Season 11, Episode 6 (#348)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: In a bit of wibbly-wobbly time travel, Mike and Eric zip back to the week after Apple announced the new MacBook Pro to the world and reflect upon the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, how it integrates into your daily Mac-using life, and ways Apple might improve it for the future.
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For Mac Eyes Only – Reaction Time: Apple’s Hello Again Mac Event

Season 11, Episode 4 (#346)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike, Eric, & Gary provide their first-hand reactions* to Apple’s announcements during Apple’s “Hello Again” Mac Event featuring the redesigned MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID, an overhaul to Final Cut Pro, Apple TV tweaks and thoughts on what we might expect from Apple when they update their line of Mac desktops in 2017.


> Apple TV Receives Update
> Thinner MacBook Pro with Touch Bar & Touch ID
> Final Cut Pro 10.3 Released with Updated Interface

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Running Time: 2:03:35

* Though this episode was recorded live as the keynote progressed, some portions of the recording have been edited for time and/or content.