For Mac Eyes Only – MacBook Face Off

Season 11, Episode 16 (#358)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Eric and Dave discuss the new MacBook Pro and contrast it to other models in the lineup including Dave & Eric’s 2014 & 2012 models.


> MacBook Pro with TouchBar and TouchID
> 2014 MacBook Pro Specs
> Business Insider: Despite Advantages, Sticking with an Older MacBook Pro

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Running Time: 40:29


  1. On the SSD drive not being seen, I had the same problem and what I found out.
    1. if I installed it in a USB-2 enclosure it would not be seen.
    2. If I installed in USB-3 enclosure it could be seen, after I reformatted it was seen by both.
    contacted Samsung and they said I had to use there usb-3 connecter or an USB 3 enclosure.

    • Hi Ed!

      That’s pretty interesting and does sound very similar. I had tried both types of enclosures: the full enclosure was 2.0 and the adapter was 3.0. (Although come to think of it … the enclosure from OWC may have been 3.0 as well)

      Of course my iMac saw it each and every time. Must be something with the older MacBook hardware?

      I will definitely keep your comments in mind the next time this happens — and I’m sure it will!