FMEO After Show – The Maker Mac?

After Show Episode #2

In this lightly edited supplement to Episode 314, Eric and I briefly discuss alternative broadband options, the artificial hardware limitations found in the current Macintosh lineup, if my current MacBook Pro will be the last portable Mac I’ll ever own, what rumors of a 12” MacBook Air might mean, and … distraction-free productivity.

After Show Links

> Satellite Internet (Wikipedia)
> Motorola Canopy (Wikipedia)
> Maker Movement
> iFixit
> Wacom Cintiq Pen Displays
> Bert Monroy’s “Times Square
> Artist William Alexander (Wikipedia)
> Coffitivity
> The Study behind Coffitivity: Is Noise Always Bad? Exploring the Effects of Ambient Noise on Creative Cognition
> Apple’s Start Something New ad campaign


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Running Time: 45:25


  1. lisa mclennan says

    Thanks again Eric and Mike for a very entertaining after show. I really like them! I like the part about distraction free productivity. The only music I can have on and “do work” is EDM (Electronic Dance music) without words. Once there are words my brain can’t handling input from the eyes and ears both. Enjoy your Valentine’s day.
    (Oh and the Starbucks APP I”m posting in Forums Deals for FMEO PLus is timely “abient sounds to suit your needs”! NOISLI!