For Mac Eyes Only – ListenerPalooza ’15

Season 9, Episode 8 (#314)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Eric discuss the recent dust-up over Apple’s software quality and…it’s ListenerPalooza ’15! We tackle listener questions on switching iPhones, copying DVDs to the Mac, using Apple TV “in the wild”, Configuring the Mac’s auto-updates by location, and how to schedule iTunes to launch during peak download hours.


> Marco Ament’s “Apple has lost the functional high ground
> Marco’s follow-up “What it’s like to be way too popular for a day

ListenerPalooza LINKS:

Question: Erick wants to transfer iPhones
> Apple Support: Transfer content … to a new device

Question: Laura wonders how to copy DVDs to her Mac
> HandBrake
> VideoLAN’s libdvdcss
> The Little App Factory’s RipIt
> Mac DVDRipper Pro
> MetaX link at MacUpdate – note: no longer developed!
> MetaZ on GitHub – (or MacUpdate Link)
> The Official MTR 5.0 site (complicated to get)

Question: Bob wonders if he can use Apple TV “in the wild”
> Apple Support: Use AirPlay to wirelessly stream content from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Question: AND how to force his Mac to only download updates from certain locations
> Oomph’s Sidekick
> ControlPlane
> Keyboard Maestro

Question: Frank would like to schedule iTunes to only download during certain hours
> Apple Support: Mac Basics: Automator
> Apple Support: OS X: About Power Nap


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Running Time: 1:40:08