For Mac Eyes Only – Hiking Into Yosemite

Episode #305

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: In part one of a series of specials on OS X Yosemite, Mike and Eric take a peek at what’s new in Yosemite’s System Preferences, give a first look at Notification Center’s new Today feature, investigate iCloud’s Family Sharing option, and begin to explore the updated interface of both Finder and Spotlight.


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Running Time: 1:17:20


  1. xercisenut says

    Hi Eric and Mike – I really liked Episode # 305. I think I will like Yosemite! (Its a great name – I grew up in LA and that is where we went family camping during all my growing up years. Highlights – feeding bread to a deer, seeing bears in the campsite (BIG ones to a little kid) and getting bitten by some river critter while sitting on the banks of the Toulomne River with my feet dangling too close to his hide hole in the bank.)

    I digress.

    I loved the comments about the airdrop especially and how Mike especially did not find it useful.
    I don’t think apple will ever get me to move off Dropbox, which FMEO introduced me to. When I want a file from this mac I’m writing on to the one two feet away, I just copy the file into my Dropbox “Schlep” folder and in less than a second it is over on the other mac ready to be stashed into where I want it to go. I use it to share photos and big files with people who aren’t “near me” and I never am in a coffee shop or working situation where I have to instantly get a file to someone else but if were with “regular sharers” I’d probably do dropbox with them as well!

    The spotlight changes don’t sound so great – I like the magnifying glass in the upper right corner and it sounds like that isn’t there any more.

    I look forward to the continued reviews! Happy SUMMER . Lisa

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thanks so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it! And I’m sorry to hear about the river critter, but happy to know you survived to grow up to be a happy and productive Mac user.

      (And, yes, even “small” bears are big. I’ve personally encountered several black bears and, while I’m happy they’re omnivores, I didn’t want to stick around to have an intimate conversation with the “smaller” bear of North America. They, however, stuck around to rip open several steel cans of food we had in the campsite.)

      Now I digress!

      Stay tuned for more Yosemite fun over the next couple episodes!


  2. Hi Eric and Mike,

    I came across your fantastic podcast by accident and found it to be very informative and extremely helpful! Thank you very much!

    My question is I’m thinking of going back to Pages09 as I really don’t like Pages version 5. I don’t like the look of the app, nor the inspector, it can’t do as much like link text boxes.

    Please could I ask your thoughts on this?

    Looking forward to the next podcast!
    Thank you very much,


    Robert in England

    • Hi Robert!

      Thanks so much, I’m so happy to hear you found and enjoy the show!

      I’m in agreement with you on the new Pages. I much prefer Pages ’09 and that’s what I still have installed on all but one of my Macs. And, frankly, I don’t see any harm or issues in running the older versions. I’ve certainly not run into any myself.

      Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way (that I’ve found) to run both versions and let Pages ’09 be your “default”, so the best course of action would be to Trash the new Pages and reinstall Pages ’09 (as well as Numbers and Keynote).

      Fortunately, Apple automatically (and kindly) leaves the old versions on your Mac after upgrading, so all you have to do, really, is dump the new ones.

      If you deleted the old ones after upgrading, however, then you’ll need to reinstall.

      How you’d do that might be tricky if you originally purchased Pages ’09 from the Mac App Store. If that’s how you got it, I think the easiest way to get it back would be to restore it from a Time Machine (or other) backup.

      If you originally purchased iWork on disc, you could simply reinstall it and then install any updates available on Apple’s Support > Downloads site.

      Hope that helps!