For Mac Eyes Only – The Day of Essential Apps

Episode #298

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike, Gary and Eric present our 8th Annual list of Essential Apps for Mac users, a short list of “Gimme” essential apps, plus a few bonus essential apps that just missed landing on this year’s list.
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For Mac Eyes Only – Revenge of Essential Apps

Episode #242

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Gary present our 6th Annual list of Essential Apps, No Ban on Tab in US, Mobile Battery Packs Recalled, 2TB Drive Shortage Delays iMacs, Beware Apple Store Phishers, USPTO Honors Steve Jobs, Referencing Videos in iTunes from External Drive, Staying Safe in iTunes Store.

Essential Mac Apps for New Mac Users 2011: Our 6th Annual list of Top 10 apps every user should consider loading onto their new Mac.

This Year’s List:
10) LibreOffice
9) VMware Fusion / VirtualBox
8) HandBrake / VLC
7) AppDelete
6) Dropbox
5) Perian / Windows Media Components for QuickTime (Flip4Mac)
4) Adium
3) Growl
2) Default Folder X
1) Carbon Copy Cloner
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Securing your Mac – Trust and the Firewall

“Macs don’t get viruses, do they?”

It’s a question I’ve been asked many a time by somewhat less tech savvy friends. There’s a perception that the Macintosh is impervious to security issues, and while it’s true that your Mac can’t run the majority of nasty software out there (unless you’re running Windows on your Mac of course!), complacency is never a good idea!

In this series of articles for For Mac Eyes Only, I’ll be examining some basic steps you can take to ensure your Mac is kept safe and secure. In this first post, I’ll be looking at some basic principles and then delving into the Mac OS X Firewall. [Read more…]