For Mac Eyes Only 423 – The Temple of Essential Apps

Season 18, Episode 3 (#423)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Eric present FMEO’s 11th list of Essential Apps for Mac users and announce a new Essential Apps segment for 2024! Delving into the news, Eric shares thoughts on the AirDrop crack, Apple’s case for selling the Apple Watch 9, and checks out Apple’s new patent for using light to secure AirDrop.

Essential Apps for Mac Users

This Year’s List
> LaunchBar
> ItsyCal
> iStat Menus
> Jumpcut
> Typinator
> Mozilla Firefox
> Choosy
> AppCleaner
> Hazel
> Tiny Ipsum

ALT Essential Apps!
> Alfred
> Raycast
> Fantastical
> BusyCal
> Stats
> Maccy
> PastePal
> TypeIt4Me
> TextExpander
> Opera
> Vivaldi


> Could AirDrop Use Light to Share Data in the Future?
> AirDrop Crack Known Since 2019
> Apple’s “Weak and Unconvincing” Case to Continue Sales of Apple Watch 9 (also see:


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