For Mac Eyes Only – Mactastrophe! (Part Two)

Season 9, Episode 6 (#312)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Eric pick things up at the end of last episode’s discussion with an entirely different kind of Mactastrophe: What can you do to protect your Mac — and the stuff on it — in case of theft. Plus: Stay tuned for a preview of the FMEO After Show!
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FMEO.TV – Mac Maintenance: Local Backups

FMEO.TV Episode #015

In this episode of FMEO.TV, Mike and Brian continue a series of segments on maintaining your Mac. In part three, they give an overview of Time Machine backups, when you might want to use a drive clone, as well as the importance of maintaining offsite backups for your critical data.

Show Notes

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For Mac Eyes Only – Data Recovery Recourse

Episode #267

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Eric joins Mike to discuss Eric’s Drobo Woes and How To Recover Data, What Patents Are Behind the Battles?, The Uncool Galaxy Tab, Apple Casts Off EPEAT, Blocking Stolen iPhones, App Store Bugs and Malware, Learning to Code in Applesoft BASIC, Fixing iCloud Mail after MobileMe.
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