For Mac Eyes Only – Data Recovery Recourse

Episode #267

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Eric joins Mike to discuss Eric’s Drobo Woes and How To Recover Data, What Patents Are Behind the Battles?, The Uncool Galaxy Tab, Apple Casts Off EPEAT, Blocking Stolen iPhones, App Store Bugs and Malware, Learning to Code in Applesoft BASIC, Fixing iCloud Mail after MobileMe.


> Data Rescue 3
> Disk Warrior
> Carbon Copy Cloner


> 11 Key Patents Causing All the Ruckus
> Judge Posner and the Technology Animals
> Galaxy Tab Ruled Not Cool Enough
> Apple Withdraws from EPEAT
> Apple and Italy Antitrust: Tussle Continues
> iNEWS: AT&T Adds Blocks for Stolen Devices
> iNEWS: App Store Bug and the Negative Reviews
> iNEWS: App Store “Malware” Found…and Squashed
> FUN NEWS: Applesoft BASIC in JavaScript

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Question: Frank’s Email not right since transition to iCloud
> Apple Support Document: iCloud Mail and Third Party Mail Clients


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Running Time: 1:10:09