For Mac Eyes Only – Beta 1: Bug Report

Season 17, Episode 10 (#409)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Eric take a look at some of the top headlines for the week. Mike shares his own Mac buying decision process. And, in a follow up to episode 407, listener Jill files a “bug report”, Mike & Eric discuss types of variables in Swift, and Mike creates a better example of coding in Swift with variables and the print statement.


> Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro coming to iPadOS
> Apple catches leaker in sting operation
> BETA: Firefox 114 to bring improved DNS over HTTPS and reduced Cookie Banners
> BETA: Google’s Project Starline


> FMEO: Coding Supplement to Episode 409
> LumaFusion
> DaVinci Resolve
> Choosy
> Bare Feats


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Running Time: 1:59:16


  1. The GMen do NOT make mistakes! We simply keep talking until everyone else agrees in frustration that we were right all along…mostly just to get us to be quiet.

    • Rumor has it SOMEONE mispronounced “backslash” as “backspace” and attempts to clarify only caused MORE confusion when Gaz gazed upon his UK keyboard and found backspace (aka Delete) above the Return key where Guy said backslash would be.

      SO mistake? Nah.

      Happy confusion that led to an episode of MyMac Jill enjoyed so much she remembers it to this day? Of course!