For Mac Eyes Only – Silly Rabbit, Tricks Are For Mac Users!

Season 12, Episode 8 (#368)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Eric dive deep into their bag of Mac tricks to share their favorite “hidden” gems of macOS including a whole sack full of bonus Mac tips and tricks along the way!

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Running Time: 1:57:23


  1. Lisa McLennan says

    Fantastic Episode Mike and Eric! I have saved it to the hard drive so I can replay all the bits I didn’t get or hadn’t tried at leisure ! The first thing I did, don’t you know,was to MOVE THAT SPOTLIGHT BAR TO THE UPPER RIGHT OF THE SCREEN WHERE IT BELONGS!! I never knew it would stay there. Thanks, Lisa your FL fan!

    • That’s awesome Lisa! Exactly what we intended with this episode. Something that can be listened to over and over and try something new each time! :)