For Mac Eyes Only – Mobile Malfunctions

Season 10, Episode 11 (#335)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike is joined by Dave who gives some tips and tricks to help keep iOS running smoothly when your mobile device malfunctions. Plus: Celebrating Apple’s 40th birthday with a new iPad Pro and a freshly converted Windows user!


> Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter
> PhoneClean 4
> PhoneView
> My Contacts Backup Pro (App Store Link)

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Running Time: 1:18:40


  1. Lisa McLennan says

    Hi Mike and Dave
    What a great podcast for a really new i things user (iPad mini 4 and iPhone 6 plus)! For fun and games, the price for the camera adapter is a lot less than Disney World Orlando and will take longer to enjoy!

    So my biggest issue so far, despite trying the hold down restart and home and reset trick, is that airdrop is just funky – on then off for no apparent reason . I took an hour with apple care totally restoring the iPhone to get that to work. It was nerve-wracking. I have never had to restore anything other than select time machine files! So now the IPAD (both with IOS 9.3.1 by the way) doesn’t send airdrop – but my other machines can SEE the iPad and send TO IT.

    Luckily, the phone does airdrop “from” most – I take a picture then air drop it.
    If you have any suggestions for my iPad mini 4 airdrop problem let me know . Other things work – hand off, the network, back up wifi and so forth, and all the iCloud services like mail and contacts. This might help others – the posts on the support pages are voluminous.

    anyway , thanks for another great tutorial! Lisa