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Season 9, Episode 11 (#317)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Eric discuss the hay being made over the new MacBook and its single USB-C port, delve down memory lane with the eMac, and share thoughts on the new Microsoft Office for Mac Preview. Also this episode: a Time Machine question from Lisa, plus a follow-up to Frank’s App Store downloading dilemma.


> Apple’s Latest Betrayal (via TechCrunch)
> 12% iPad Sales Drop (via Forbes)
> UPDATE: Office for Mac Preview
> RUMOR: New Apple wireless keyboard on the way?
> Skunkworks Project (Wikipedia)
> Apple’s eMac (Wikipedia)
> S.M.A.R.T. (Wikipedia)
> REFERENCE: Take Control of Your Apple Wi-Fi Network
> GAMING: Cyan’s Myst
> HISTORY: The Windows 98 Preview BSOD (YouTube)


Question: Lisa’s Time Machine drive on the fritz?
> Western Digital My Passport for Mac

Question: Frank’s solution for his limited download window
> Keyboard Maestro


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  1. lisa mclennan says

    Hi Eric and Mike – great episode! I think this new macbook isn’t for me. And Mike is right – these machines really last a long time. Only the lack of security updates really takes the old macs away as an option it seems!

    Thanks again!