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After Show Episode #1

In this lightly edited supplement to Episode 313, we include bit and pieces of the conversations that we had long after the show was over and this time out, Eric, Barry and I continue talking Mac history, alternative SSD options, digital movie distribution, the passing of Joe Cocker and…just how “old” IS 40 anyway?

After Show Links

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> Macworld: How to Create Your Own Fusion Drive
> MakeMKV
> Disney Movies Anywhere
> Roku 3
> Apple TV
> Amazon Fire Phone / Fire TV
> Sky News
> Joe Cocker Dies at 70
> Elvis
> John Lennon
> VIDEO: Hobbit Office (YouTube)


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Running Time: 35:13


  1. lisa mclennan says

    Hi Guys – I really liked the AFTER SHOW and wanted to tell everyone.
    Also, I like it that you label it AFTER SHOW so I don’t get confused with the regular show and accidentally (oops) delete it thinking I’ve seen it. I look forward to more.

    SO where was I?
    I’m a lot older than you but :
    ELVIS: Working a summer job in LA at Coca Cola Citrus Plant in Orange County where we packaged Hi-C (a coke product) for shipment to military bases around the world. Mainly the office was older women and they were in tears for a week over Elvis. I didn’t get it – I never even saw an Elvis movie.
    John Lennon: Dating a rock musician in the Bay Area – a guitar guy – and he broke into tears and wouldn’t do much of anything for a week other than mope around that a hero was dead.
    Joe Cocker – at home and read the scroll on the TV. I mostly remember Cry me a River and After Midnight but those were good songs.

    Hope the BBQ is fun. Lisa