For Mac Eyes Only – Reaction Time: WWDC 2014 Keynote

Episode #304

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Eric provide first-hand reactions* to Apple’s announcements during the WWDC 2014 Keynote where Apple launched OS X Yosemite, iOS 8, a variety of new APIs for app developers to latch on to in iOS, an all new programming language, and a new graphics technology to improve gaming performance in iOS called Metal.


> OS X Yosemite
> iOS 8
> Mac and iOS Integration
> Family Sharing
> iCloud Drive
> Health
> Swift
> iOS 8 SDK

With Special Thanks to the live-blogging skills of:
> Engadget
> The Verge
> Ars Technica
> TechCrunch
> Macworld


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Running Time: 2:27:09

* Though this episode was recorded live as the keynote progressed, some portions of the recording have been edited for time and/or content.


  1. xercisenut says

    Hi Mike and Eric, Loved this podcast – better Of COURSE than all the over coverages. It was very personal. I’m excited about Yosemite. I STILL have no IOS device, but am waiting for a full fledged apple store to open up the street in Florida in 2014 in Florida. to buy more products – want that mac mini update for sure.

    thanks again for the great review.

    The one thing apple could do on the IOS is make it easier for seniors like my 84 year old dad – he just doesn’t feel good about the updates so his hold IPAD is still on IOS 6. they should think about all those OLD SENIORS and help them more.



    • Hi Lisa,

      Hey awesome, glad you liked it!

      A thought occurred to me regarding your Dad: perhaps he can set up a one-to-one session at his local Apple Store, both to get updated AND to get a refresher on the differences between the old and the new iOS?

      I’ve done my own variation of “one-to-one” with a handful of my clients on the switchover and it seems that it helped them feel a bit more comfortable with the changes when they left. Otherwise, I think I’d have to agree that he should hold off until he has someone to sit down with to go over the major changes. iOS 7 seems to throw off a lot of folks (and that worries me — just a bit — with Yosemite’s changes). Perhaps iOS 8 will be better?