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Episode #300

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Eric share some of their favorite Little Known apps that ship with the Mac, explore some tips for improving Spotlight and Finder searches, and answer Ralph’s question: Essential Apps to … Whom?


> The Graphing Calculator Story (The Precursor to Grapher)


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Running Time: 1:02:28


  1. This show 300 was fantastic and it is why I am a certified FMEO fanatical fan! Keep it coming.
    I had now idea about image capture – because I used the PREVIEW SCAN feature to scan documents. So now I have image capture in the dock.

    I wanted to pass on another cool free app – STICKIES – these are post its and you can collapse them or have them full size and as many as you want – with colors, translucent or not and it is just a great place to hang things you “want to remember”. There are a gazillion options – floating window, etc. What I do is have the name of the item like “Lisa’s library card #” and that just shows in a little bar, but when i expand it gives me my log in and other info I need.

    So, SPOTLIGHT STICKIES and try it out!

    Also, I had no idea about grapher, but Mike you are right – I tried it out and boy, it is a cool tool that would be really hard to create on you own (especially if you are not a programmer). Fun stuff .

    Even though I’m never going to be an automater and apple script person, isn’t this just the greatest free stuff if you are a parent of a “future nerd” kid who can try all this out for free. You could save a lot on college tuition just seeing if your kid likes this before “buying” as they say!

    Thanks for the awesome podcast. It was really enjoyable. (they all are but this one especially).

  2. weather easter egg:
    OPEN DASHBOARD, OPEN A WEATHER WINDOW (it is one of the widgets)
    hold down command and option and click on the weather picture then scroll through every picture that your weather can show — its fun. I live in Florida so I never get the SNOW picture.

    Only ONE has a moving graphic – a fog bank moving along.
    The oddest is a FULL sun with rain drops coming down.

    The location is NOWHERE for this easter egg.

    I love easter eggs. Maybe you can do a podcast on other mac easter eggs!!!