FMEO.TV – “A First Look at Apple’s Magic Mouse”

FMEO.TV Episode #001

In this episode of FMEO.TV, Mike compares the new Apple Magic Mouse to the Mighty Mouse, takes a look at the options available for the new mouse, and steps through a few quick demos to show you what it can do for you as well as what it can’t.

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Running Time: 25:08


  1. rednicolas says

    I know you did a fix for the Apple TV but it's still not going to play on my iTouch or my iPhone. Anyway, I think this is a great addition to the FEMO … thanks for all your work.

  2. Mike, ESC!Cast Network says

    Did you get the MOV or MP4 version? The MOV version is the correct one and, according to Apple's specs for the iPod Touch / iPhone, it should work.

    I guess I'll need to purchase an iPod Touch. You know, for testing purposes… :)

  3. NorCal Explorer says

    Great video cast! You did an excellent job at explaining the differences between the two mice. I have chosen to get the new magic mouse after trying it out at Best Buy and seeing your demonstration of the new mouse. It does feel better in the hand then the old mighty mouse, but I will also miss the side buttons. You did not mention the greatest advantage to the new magic mouse and that is no moving parts to get clogged up. I cleaned my old mouse until finally the scroll ball stopped working. With the new mouse it is all by touch and I hope with future updates more functions will come to the best mouse Apple has made thus far.

  4. Mike, ESC!Cast Network says

    You're absolutely right NorCal, I did forget to mention the lack of moving parts. I knew I forgot something… :)

    Glad the review helped!

  5. rednicolas says

    I did get the MOV and it didn't synchronize to my iTouch. Of course I eventually converted it to an iPod version myself but just thought to let you know.

    iPod and iPhone for testing is of course required. Why now ask at your local Apple store if they are willing to give you a free device for this purpose ;-)

  6. Mike, ESC!Cast Network says

    @rednicolas: Hmm, that's interesting and I'm not quite sure what the answer is yet because since your first post, I heard from Pam and she said that it synced to and played on her Touch just fine.

  7. Mike, ESC!Cast Network says

    And … Gary says it doesn't work with his Touch without converting. LOL!

    I've a new-found respect for video podcasters who do this on a regular basis!

  8. rednicolas says

    I'm pretty sure you'll figure it out. I went to the Apple store here in Geneva for some window shopping this afternoon. Can't tell how many times more I'll be able to walk out of there without a bag ;-)

  9. rednicolas says

    Uhh … you didn't annouce the MacHeist nano bundle and there are only 6 days left. Go and get some great apps for the price of FREE!

  10. Mike, ESC!Cast Network says

    @rednicolas: Well I haven't had a news show since it was announced! ;)

    It's a decent bundle and the price is right for what you get.

  11. After watching the whole review it looks to me as the new Magic Mouse acts like the track pad on my MacBook Pro.