FMEO Show Errors?

8/21 UPDATE: The issues with the show seem to be mostly resolved now. “Lyrics” are still stripped from the download, but that’s being worked on as I type this.

Hey Everyone,

I’m getting word that some listeners are experiencing trouble with the show recently such as incorrect timing in iTunes and missing show notes in the “lyrics” field – something iPhone and iPod Touch users look for.

While I try to figure out what the heck is going on, I wanted to make fresh copies of each available for you to download should you care to.

I apologize for any inconvenience and am working to find the source of the problem.

Until then, please enjoy this archive of episodes 133 and 134 that should play properly as well as include the missing show notes.

Download: Episode 133 and 134 Archive (56.8MB)



  1. Brad P. from NJ says

    I was *just* noticing that the time line seemed a bit frakked up again. My iPod Touch is showing that the original Show 134 is only 29:05 in length. When I hit pause beyond that 29:05 point, the file gets rewound to that point. Hopefully, that helps the debug process a bit… and it's good to know that it's not just me :)

  2. rednicolas says

    I haven't noticed any problems on my iTouch with the Podcast. But iTunes gives me some headaches lately … a lot of crashes. I was wondering if you heard any issues with iTunes since the latest OS update?

  3. Mike, ESC!Cast Network says

    No, sorry, rednicholas I've not heard of any problems with iTunes and 10.5.8. Do you have any 3rd party iTunes plugins that might be causing the conflict?

    I first blamed the problems with the show on the recent iTunes, but now I think it's the download service handling the show. I've got a note in to them asking what's going on. ;)

  4. rednicolas says

    No, I do not have any 3rd party plugins … but thanks for your help.