For Mac Eyes Only – A Compromising Position: Part One

Season 11, Episode 2 (#344)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Eric discuss their early experiences with macOS Sierra including app compatibility issues, favorite new features, Photos and iTunes, and the importance of back ups when upgrading!


> DomainBrain
> Learn Japanese Complete Audio Course (Mac App Store Link)
> Affinity Photo & Designer
> Pixelmator
> Acorn
> QuickBooks 2016 for Mac
> Billings Pro
> macOS: RAID is Back!
> 2Do (Mac App Store Link)
> macID
> AirParrot
> Telegram Messenger
> Emulsion

Stop Photos from Opening Automatically!

From within Terminal enter the command:
defaults -currentHost write disableHotPlug -bool true


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Running Time: 1:32:56


  1. Lisa mclennan says

    Hi everyone. I loved the show. I always perk up and settle in when mike is going to start in on photos. I will say , after waiting from lion all the way to el cap before my last upgrade, I am really thrilled by that big jump. But the things you talk about in sierra do not seem like a good enough reason for sierra! I hope you will deep dive on iOS 10 and sierra connection some more as that may convince me to sierra. I loved looking at the links to the other apps like acorn. I must add that the messages explosion in iOS 10 was so complicated for my fumbly fingers requiring too much dexterity so it’s good I think I won’t use those new features. But the iMac is so much easier to try new things with its proper keyboard and my 27 inches of real estate. Thanks again