For Mac Eyes Only – Reaction Time: Apple’s Let Us Loop You In Event

Season 10, Episode 10 (#334)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike is joined by Gary and Dave to provide first-hand reactions* to Apple’s announcements during the “Let Us Loop You In” event where Apple … loops us in on what’s new with the Apple Watch, the Apple TV, the new 4″ iPhone SE, a smaller iPad Pro, as well as some updates on ResearchKit, iOS, CarPlay, and Apple’s environmental program, Apple Renew.


> Apple Watch with New “Spring Collection” Bands
> Apple TV Updates Coming
> ResearchKit and CareKit
> iOS 9.3 Update Released Today
> New iPhone SE
> New Smaller iPad Pro
> Apple Renew and “Liam” the Robot

With Special Thanks to the live-blogging skills of:
> iMore
> The Verge
> TechCrunch
> Wired
> MacRumors
> The Mac Observer
> TechRadar


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Running Time: 1:38:07

* Though this episode was recorded live as the keynote progressed, some portions of the recording have been edited for time and/or content.