For Mac Eyes Only – The Pro Predicament (aka The iPad Mammoth)

Season 10, Episode 5 (#329)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: The Madness Continues! Mike rolls on with a new editorial and then is joined by Brian to continue our exploration of the iPad Pro and its place alongside Apple’s other Pro devices including the MacBook Pro and the Mac Pro. Guest editorial letter by Darren D. And we ask: What would you miss most if Apple discontinued the Mac (or iPad) tomorrow?


> Tim Cook Laments Google’s Chromebook
> Video: Apple’s Knowledge Navigator (1987)
> Video: Chuck Joiner’s talk at Macstock 2015
> iFixit Teardown of Apple Pencil
> Apple Smart Battery Case
> RUMOR: iPhone 6C Coming in Spring?
> The Modbook Pro


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Running Time: 1:24:59


  1. lisa mclennan says

    Mike,Brian and Darren – this was a wonderful podcast.
    Mike showed restraint not calling it the maxi-pad I must say.

    I can just imagine that 1 infinite loop is having a lot of the similar discussions about product positioning. On Royal Caribbean ships, you might be interested to know, there are 3’X2′ size screens that you touch for menus, what’s on and navigation (how to get from you are here to there) – and they look like a super duper iPad. (this you tube demos it Chase Bank has a “bigger than iPad ” pro in some of their branches for atm transactions as well: So, I think this sort of thing will catch on but I predict they will make an even larger version and have takers …eventually!

    Happy New Year and I look forward to more