FMEO After Show – The Seismometer Mac

After Show Episode #4

In this lightly edited supplement to Episode 317, Eric and I discuss screen capture tools for the Mac, Gatekeeper and Mac security, running DOS games on your Mac, bringing apps BACK to the Mac, OneNote vs Evernote, and we take a walk down PC History Lane.

This episode was recorded on March 29th, 2015.

After Show Links

> Keyboard Maestro
> Snagit
> Skitch
> ScreenFlow
> Paparazzi!
> About Gatekeeper (Apple Support)
> Boxer
> Corel Painter
> Corel Draw
> Microsoft OneNote
> Evernote
> History: Balance of Power (DOS Game)
> History: Windows 1.0
> History: GEM
> History: Ventura Publisher
> History: Aldus PageMaker
> History: Hercules Graphics Card
> History: SCSI
> History: Commander Keen (DOS Game)

Thanks to Wikipedia for all the great History links!


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Running Time: 1:01:02