For Mac Eyes Only – Ask-a-palooza!

Season 9, Episode 2 (#308)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike is joined by Brian to talk Finder tabs, Alfred vs. Spotlight, Private Browsing modes, Convenience Apps, Deleting old document Versions, ripping discs with Handbrake, Skype 2.8, and more!


> Alfred
> Xmarks
> Evernote & Skitch
> Mozilla Firefox
> Google Chrome
> Handbrake
> VideoLAN libdvdcss (ver. 1.2.12)
> SnapNDrag
> TuneSpan
> Sherlock (Wikipedia)


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Running Time: 1:34:11


  1. Lisa xercisenut says

    Hi MIke and Brian – I just loved the episode 308 Ask-a-palooza! Brian asked all the kinds of questions I would have asked!

    I enjoyed finding the private browsing and playing around with moving tabs to new windows in Safari by dragging.

    I couldn’t in LION find that way to “delete all prior versions” in say a pages document, so I stuck with duplicate and delete the old one. I did find it useful to know that pushing the cursor to the top gave you the menu bar after you pick “browse all versions”!

    Thanks again. It was really enjoyable.