For Mac Eyes Only – Reaction Time: Fall iPhone Event…and iWrist Too?

Season 9, Episode 1 (#307)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike is joined by Gary, Barry and Eric to provide first-hand reactions* to Apple’s announcements during the September Special Event during which Apple debuted the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Announced Apple Pay, and launched the all-new Apple Watch!


> iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus
> Apple Pay
> Apple Watch
> Free U2 Album to All iTunes Store Customers

With Special Thanks to the live-blogging skills of:
> Engadget
> The Verge
> TechCrunch
> Wired
> Macworld


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Running Time: 2:14:00

* Though this episode was recorded live as the keynote progressed, some portions of the recording have been edited for time and/or content.


  1. Lisa McLennan says

    As always, Team FMEO – a great review of the iPhone/Apple Watch event. I watched AFTER the event made the news – it is fun to listen when I know a little about what is going to happen and just as enjoyable. There are a blizzard of Tech Talk Podcasts that come out whenever Apple does these special events and I find your the best for me. It gets to the point with just the right amount of back and forth banter. With Gary on, I can always count on the lively Across the Pond perspective which I appreciate it very much .Thanks for an enjoyable show (and glad you still like that SBUX card, Mike- you can always use those cards to clear snow and ice off the windscreen if they ever become obsolete!).