For Mac Eyes Only – Rockin’ Those Older Macs

Episode #303

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Eric discuss the state of Mac security. What do modern Mac users need to concern themselves with and, more importantly (and in the wake of Windows XP’s demise), how can folks running older Macs stay secure on today’s modern web without upgrading to a new Mac or, worse, switching to an alternative OS?

APPS for OLDER MACS (10.6-10.7)

> Google Chrome
> Mozilla Firefox
> Mozilla Thunderbird
> Adobe Reader XI
> Little Snitch

APPS for EVEN OLDER MACS (10.4-10.5)

> TenFourFox
> Plugins No Longer Supported in TenFourFox
> Tenfourbird

APPS for the OLDEST MACS (Mac OS 8-OS X 10.3)

> Classilla

Additional LINKS to KNOW:

> Apple’s Cyberdog
> NCSA Mosaic
> Mozilla Application Suite
> WOT (Web of Trust)


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Running Time: 56:44


  1. This is an “essential apps” show comment. I could not leave the comment there because it is closed to comments. It would be nice if a user could be warned about this *before* posting because I spent 20 minutes editing the comment only to be informed after selecting “post comment” that the podcast was closed to comments. OUCH. Fortunately, I could use the “back” function of Safari to copy my comments without losing them.

    Thank you for the very nice reply, Mike. I love the show. My definition of “essential apps” are those that I use many times a day *and* I think would be widely applicable to other users. They include just six of those on your list (there are a few I want to try now based on the show), plus:
    * Spotlight – I don’t need a sophisticated launching program. Spotlight works well enough for me because I worry about customizing my user experience so much that it would be hard to function on other Macs.
    * CopyPaste Pro – A clipboard management utility is definitely essential. CPP has the right combination of simplicity and power for me.
    * Fruit Juice – battery management utility
    * Text Expander
    * Skitch

    I don’t have as much need for screen sharing, I think, because I use cloud-based apps whenever possible. I keep all my documents in the cloud (dropbox) because it is so handy.

    Thanks again for the reply and the great work you do on the show. BTW, how often should I contribute to the show? Do you have guidance on this on the website? I don’t have time to look for this now, but it would be good to read or hear on the podcast what your thoughts on this are.

    • Hi Ralph,

      I cross-posted your comment — and my reply — to the older episode’s show notes (link). Apologies for the commenting confusion — apparently I’m dealing with a bug in the membership module I’m using on the site. I’m on it!

      Contributions are always welcome! Reviews, articles, audio segments — please feel free to drop me a line with your ideas at any time.


  2. I believe commenting is fixed now. Apologies for the problems you and everyone else might have had leaving comments!