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Episode #301

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike is joined by Barry and Eric for a look back at Barry’s trip to Macworld, the vibe of this year’s show, iBeacon and the Internet of Things, and where things might be heading for Mac fans this year. Mike shares a few listener favs for Little Known apps found on the Mac.


> Understanding iBeacon
> Grip&Shoot


> SpeedUp Player Pro (App Store Link)
> Maintidget widget
> iStat Pro widget ( link)
> iSlayer Organized widget ( link)
> TimeScroller widget
> Delivery Status widget
> Glympse
> Uber
> Lyft
> Snapheal


> Meet TeamFMEO
> Contact Us

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Running Time: 44:26


  1. I thought I would paste the website for “ALL THE DASHBOARD digits”.

    It was fun listening to the podcast today and I’ll try some of those widgets.

    There is one good one called APPLE Events that shows everything going on in your local apple store. But I could not find the link (sorry). It is just truly amazing how many widgets are out there.

    Thanks guys!

  2. xercisenut says

    More on cool things Mac OSX does for free….

    On the highlight text andy create a spoken text track in iTunes…I tried it today on Don Melton’s “memories of Steve” blog that came out recently as it is really long and I wanted to listen to all his anecdotes while walking around outside.

    I didn’t have a keyboard shortcut to “highlight all text on a webpage”, so I started at the bottom and scrolled up (I have reverse scrolling TURNED OFF) then right click the you get a selection at the bottom that says ADD TO ITUNES AS A SPOKEN TRACK.
    When I did that it asks to pick your voice (some are really odd – slow, fast, shrill I used the default) and confirm that you want to add it to MUSIC (you can probably change that). When I did that it even made a play list called SPOKEN TEXT and put my spoken text track in there. I could change the name (it defaults to SPOKEN TEXT as the name of the track) and add genre and all the usual stuff.

    Then I thought I’d add that underneath COPY you have SPEECH➤ and when you click there your mac will start speaking the selection . I THEN COULD NOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO SHUT THE MAC UP!! Luckily I tried this with only a small selection not the whole long thing. Escape didn’t work neither did closing the web window. If anyone knows how to stop the speech in mid sentence so to speak…..please post a commentary!

    I’ve added my comment to the forums as well. Great listening guys!

    • Hi Lisa!

      When you click Edit > Speech you should both Start Speaking and Stop Speaking. Stop Speaking will “shut the Mac up”. :)

      Quick Note: Not all apps will show the Speech menu under Edit (for example, Firefox). If you’re in an app that doesn’t support it, you could always select the text and copy it to TextEdit and play it back from there.


  3. xercisenut says

    Sorry – it should say PLAY LIST not Place List above. Maybe Mike can fix it for me :)