For Mac Eyes Only – Where Have All The Zealots Gone?

Episode #291

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike, Gary and Eric continue a series of talks on what it means to be an Apple user and, more specifically, a Mac user in an Apple world dominated by iOS devices. Is Brand loyalty or Product loyalty the driving force behind the Mac at Apple?


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Running Time: 1:16:03


  1. I haven’t been a Mac/Apple user all my life. And I wasn’t sure it would fit me when I switched just over 4 years ago…now I can’t even think of going back to something else. Not saying that it was because of owning a MBP but it sure helped with me getting an iPhone and iPad mini. Although my first experience with Apple was way before with an iPad U2 back in the days.

    I would consider myself a Mac user and an Apple fan by now but not because I’m “obsessed” with their products but because I like their way of thinking and their products to fit my work flow.

  2. I really liked this podcast and thinking about the question – user or fan?
    I am both an apple product user (macbook, 2 imacs, one deceased imac, 2 ipod shuffles and one ipod classic on its third (out of 9?) life having exchanged my 2005 one “twice”.
    I am not obsessed with their products but I like what they design down to the incredibly wonderful packaging and I buy the products that fit my life and pocket book.

    I would LOVE to own everything they produce, but it would be a nightmare to pay for and keep all the devices up to date so I don’t have ipads or iphones.

    I have never looked back from the first day I got an imac Jan 3 2005. I hated keeping our home’s (PC) computers up to date and working with IT on the work PC’s before that time. Now I really love the challenging of understanding how things work with Mac OS and learning lots from FMEO!