For Mac Eyes Only – Reaction Time: WWDC 2013 Keynote

Episode #289

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Join Mike, Gary and Eric as they provide first-hand reactions to Apple’s WWDC 2013 keynote where Apple introduced OS X Mavericks, the new Mac Pro, updated AirPort routers, iWork for iCloud, iOS 7 and Apple’s iTunes Radio.


> OS X Mavericks
> Wow, now THAT’s a cool new Mac Pro!
> New MacBook Air
> New AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule
> iWork for iCloud
> iOS 7
> iTunes Radio

With Special Thanks to the live-blogging skills of:
> Engadget
> Wired
> Gizmodo
> TechCrunch
> MacRumors
> Macworld
> The Verge


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Running Time: 2:09:21


  1. Lisa xercisenut says

    Hi Gary, Eric and Mike! Loved this special episode of the WWDC keynote. I listened to it and deleted all the others that loaded up in my itunes. You really captured the flow and I liked the banter between the three of you. Having traveled a lot for work and fun in the UK and Europe, I always like the views from Gary – its different out there across the pond and I enjoy his perspective.

    Mike is right – listener Lisa will love getting iBook on a mac. It’s not so much that I want to curl up with my 27″ imac and read an ibook, but I want to try to make one with ibook author, which you CAN do on a mac, and then READ IT also on said mac to see how it flows and maybe send it to my family who have mac devices to read it. Sounds like a fun dabble for me.

    That mac book pro looks like something off a Robin Trower vinyl record album cover (bridge of signs but in black, say) – can’t wait to hear Mike and Eric for sure review that one.

    I’m from California – southern – so I didn’t know that this was MAVERICKS: Mavericks is a big-wave surf spot two miles off shore from Pillar Point Harbor, just north of Half Moon Bay and about 38 miles from Cupertino, where Apple is based. The break, created by an underwater rock formation, is home to an annual invitation-only surf contest.

    Cheerio and thanks guys for the very nicely done podcast. I look forward to OS X 10.9 reviews especially to see if my mid 2008 imac makes the cut to upgrade!


    • Lisa xercisenut says

      Oh, Sorry – I know the UK is in Europe so I should have said “UK and the rest” !!

      Maybe Mike can fix this in the moderation review!


    • Hi Lisa,

      Thanks! I’m so glad you liked it, we always have a great time recording them!

      Speaking of the new Mac Pro’s look: It was mentioned by one of us — it didn’t make the final edit, but now I can’t get the image out of my head — that the new Mac Pro looks like one of those combination waste bin / ash trays you see in lobbies.

      Only shorter… :)

      On the UK in/and Europe issue: Gary and I debated that one quite a lot when News and Views was a regular feature of the show. We also polled Twitter and Google+. In the end, we went with UK and Europe, but it’s good to cover all your bases just in case.


  2. Again with the “who wants to read books on their phone?” question. I know I’m an outlier, but I’ve been reading eBooks since Dec 1999. I read almost all of my books on my iPhone (only a few of them are still real-world – mostly business books I mark up with highlighter and notes and page marker stickers). I do read comic books on my iPad… the form factor of the phone is too small for those.

    I’d rather read books on my phone than on my iPad, just because of weight. It used to be because I didn’t want to have to keep remembering where I was, but now everybody synchronises across devices. Reading on the phone is also a lot easier on public transit when I have just enough room to breathe, let alone whip out my full sized iPad 3.

    As always, I appreciate that you and the gang put out this show. I look forward to seeing them show up in the feed.

    • who wants to read books on their phone?

      Who said that? Did I say that? I don’t remember that part of the conversation going by, although it must have at some point with Apple announcing iBooks for OS X.

      Maybe it’s because an eBook on a phone is so much “thicker” than on a tablet? Imagine how many “pages” War and Peace would be on an iPhone! :)

      (Joking aside, I have tried reading books on a phone and really didn’t care for the experience AT ALL, but Horses for Courses as Gary says…)

      I’m pretty sure if I chimed in on the eBook conversation, I would have said I prefer my books to be the paper variety. After that, I prefer reading on the Kindle over iPad. Although I agree with you, Brad, that the iPad (or an Android tablet) is a decent way to read comic books — if you don’t otherwise subscribe to the traditional books as I do.