FMEO.TV – The Traveling Mac: Accessories

FMEO.TV Episode #006

In this episode of FMEO.TV, the first in a series on traveling with your Apple gear, Mike and Barry share important accessories to have with you when traveling with your Mac.

Show Notes

What’s in Barry’s Bag?
> Twelve South’s PlugBug Charger
> MiFi by Verizon (also available through other carriers)
> Cocoon Grid-It!
> Apple USB to Ethernet adapter
> Apple Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter
> Tripp-Lite Ultra-Mini USB Hub
> Ethernet Cables at Monoprice

Mike’s Suggestions
> Portable Hard Drive – Western Digital, Toshiba, or Seagate
> AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case
> Lexar Memory Card Reader (available from several vendors)
> USB FlexLight or Make Your Own!

Running Time: 15m 40s


  1. Brian Henson says

    Enjoyed the episode!

    Any suggestions for additional power or do you try to survive on your devices single battery?

    • Funny you should ask that Brian because I had that very question as I edited the video. We have a solution we’ll mention in the iDevice segment called the HyperJuice Plug, but for Mac?

      I know Barry’s a big fan of both Mophie Juice Pack and HyperJuice. Mophie doesn’t offer a MacBook solution, but HyperJuice does. They show HyperJuice batteries ranging from 60Wh to 222Wh!

      Maybe we can get Barry to weigh in on this?

      • I forgot to say that I rely on my Mac’s internal battery. It gets me through most days and, when it doesn’t, I always have my wall wart with me.


        • Brian Henson says

          Agreed about the wall.

          But traveling does have issues…….I have been in situations usually when watching a DVD when you use your Ibook battery up and can’t find a place to charge on a layover.

          The same for my Iphone if you make some calls between flights, use it in airplane mode on the flight and can’t find a place to charge.

          I usually lug my Ibook along and use it to charge my Iphone. I have considered a second apple battery but was not sure if thiere was better options.

          • Hulu Plus also drains a battery like a cheap 7-11 Slurpee… just sayin’.

            If you have a swappable battery — I no longer do! — then a second Apple battery may be a cheaper alternative than the HyperJuice. Possibly lighter too.


  2. Lisa McLennan says

    I just wanted to say I really enjoyed this episode! I like seeing the cases folks use.

    I repuposed 2 Lancome fancy zippered make up cases (oblong with 2 compartments) that you get “free with x$$$ purchase) from some years ago to carry my stuff which includes USB drives (format for mac and format for PC in case I have to copy something at fedex kinkos), ipod shuffle and charger, dongle usb multiport like you described on teh show, usb loader for my camera’s sd card, reading glasses and a pen. The wired mouse will also fit in thera.
    The wall wart doesn’t, so it and my camera which is a bigger canon powershot but works fine got in one of those nice white apple retail store small bags so I can find it in my carryon.

    I found my white macbook’s case is J U S T big enough to carry my mouse pad and wired mouse (I don’t like that track pad) and wall wart and zip up, so that’s my packing if I know I’ll be “doing stuff” while hanging around an airport.

    I have been lucky in the ethernet cables being available when wired or wireless were options at a hotel, but sometimes someone has broken the prongs so they don’t stay in the slot in the laptop so your show reminded me to BRING MY OWN next time.

    Don’t have any IOS devices yet so I don’t really have any battery issues.

    Thanks again for a review of what to pack!


  3. Lisa McLennan says

    PS – it was supposed to say REPURPOSED not repuposed. Darn, I hate it when I don’t spell check enough.