For Mac Eyes Only – Rockin’ Around the Apple Tree

Episode #282

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike is joined by Gary and Eric to share last minute gift ideas for the Mac user in your life, Apple Stateside Manufacturing Move, Apple’s solution for iOS 6 Mapping Woes.

For Mac Eyes Only Last-Minute Gift Guide 2012

> olloclip (Read Gary’s Review of the olloclip)
> BookArc Stand
> TriPad
> Fitbit One
> Bluetooth Handset Gloves
> Doctor Who Bathrobes
> Death Star Tea Infuser
> Death Star Ice Cubes
> Lytro Camera
> Gary suggests a Ukulele or Harmonica!
> Apple Gift Card
> iTunes Gift Card
> Steam Gifts
> Give the Gift of Yourself!


> Apple Moving Mac Manufacturing Stateside
> SECURITY: Trojan Attempts SMS Fraud
> FUN NEWS: AppleEarth 1.5
> Who is Khan Noonien Singh?


Question: Justin says his iCloud syncing…isn’t.


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Running Time: 1:09:38


  1. xercisenut says

    I have given my favorite gift – one that helps others – a belated GIFT to FMEO through the SUPPORT FMEO red button.It was easy and I didn’t have to give Pay Pal any saved information which is the way I like it! FMEO has made my life better in 2012 so THANKS A BUNCH.

    • Gosh, I’m blushing, thanks so much!

      For those who don’t know, FMEO is now 100% listener supported and donations using that red button help keep the show on the air.

      Thanks to one and all for your support!