For Mac Eyes Only – Reaction Time: A Little More to Show Us

Episode #279

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Join Mike as he provides first-hand reactions to Apple’s “A Little More to Show” us event. Mike is also joined via Skype IM for a bit of running commentary by his good friend and fellow podcaster, BradP from NJ.


> 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display
> Refreshed Mac mini
> New iMac
> 4th gen iPad
> iPad mini
> New iBooks Author Update

Links to Know

> GoodReader
> PDF Expert
> Google Nexus 7
> Amazon Kindle Fire HD

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> Wired

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Running Time: 1:00:27


  1. So, I figured out WTH a NIT is…

    I’m not sure that the measure helps me grok the high quality of Mac screens. But, if someone who does can assure me that it’s better, I’ll accept it.

  2. The 4th generation iPad announcement makes me a happy refurb customer :) Takes again quite bit off the price on the Apple store…and it’s still the 2nd best tablet on the market ;) But I will also give the iPad mini some serious thoughts as it would fit exactly in where I did hold back on the iPad in the past. Either way, a “new” Apple product is soon going to be mine :)

    • That’s awesome Nicolas and a great point about picking up the “iPad 3” in the refurb store. Be sure to post back to let us know which one you went with!