For Mac Eyes Only – More Mapping Mania

Episode #277

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Gary discuss iOS Maps from a UK perspective, iCloud Storage Bonus, Apple TV Expands in Germany, Apple UK’s Coolest Brand, OS X Supplementals, Lost Steve Jobs Speech Recovered, Podcast Playback Issues in iOS 6.


> Apple Extends iCloud Storage Bonus for MobileMe Users
> Apple’s TV Line-Up Improves in Germany
> Apple Voted UK’s Coolest Brand
> Mansfield Wooed Back for “$2M”…per Month?
> UPDATE: OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 Supplemental Update
> UPDATE: OS X Lion 10.7.5 Supplemental Update
> UPDATE: iPhoto 9.4.1
> FUN NEWS: Lost Steve Jobs Speech of 1983 Unveiled in Full

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Question: Jim’s iPhone 4S won’t play podcasts back-to-back since iOS 6 upgrade.
> Barry and Gary recommend Downcast (iTunes Link)
> iCatcher (iTunes Link)


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Running Time: 1:06:53


  1. George from Tulsa says

    Gary suggested “growth” is the reason Apple’s software updates have become less reliable.

    Where’s Mr. Spock when we need him?

    “Illogical, Captain.

    There variety of Macs that Apple supports is very limited. Sure, there’s some difference in how an update might run on the latest MacBook Retina vs the first MacBook Air. Wait! Stop the presses! Apple orphaned that computer.

    My short point is that Apple’s willingness to limit what machines it supports means Apple’s update burden should be much lighter than, say, Microsoft’s.

    But it isn’t more difficult to design an update for one or a million identical Macs.

    To the extent Apple has given OS X short shrift and assigned staff to work on iOS, “growth” may be a factor in recent application of omelet to Apple’s public image.

    There’s tens of thousands of excellent American programmers and computer workers who have been laid off as American corporations have off-shored and outsourced. Tens of thousands of young college graduates are looking for work, and finding it’s all moved to Bangalore or China.

    I’m confident Apple could cherry pick some superb US employees, enough even to feed security updates to gear Apple is otherwise abandoning to the landfill.

    But that would undermine profits!

  2. I’m most likely not the Swiss listener you referred to during the show but ready to answer the TV question. As of right now there are no TV shows available for purchase or rent in the Swiss iTunes Store. Some Swiss TV Channels do release episodes of “reality” shows as Video Podcasts.

  3. xercisenut says

    WOW – thanks for that great link to the Steve Jobs Speech! I have now downloaded it and added it to itunes so that I can listen at will! I was “in town” at the time but clueless so its nice to get a time-machine like rollback !

    Appreciate it FMEO team!