For Mac Eyes Only – Toasting ’til I Can’t Toast No More

Episode #273

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Eric Discuss Upgradeability of Macs, Java Flaws Discovered, Patched, and Discovered Again, Watch Out for Phishing Scams, Senior Management Changes at Apple, More Support for iPublishers, Native GIMP for OS X!, Flock the Vote, Will Broken Apple I Sell at Auction?


> Oracle Patches Flaws in Java with Update 7
> Whoops! Not So Fast. Java 7 Update 7 Flawed Too.
> New Apple ID Phishing Scams Make Rounds of Email
> Mansfield Sticks Around while Federighi and Riccio Promoted.
> iNEWS: iBookstore Publishers Gain Support Options from Apple
> UPDATE: Native Build of GIMP 2.8.2 for OS X
> UPDATE: Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac
> Codeweavers Flock the Vote Campaign
> iNEWS: Pinnacle Studio Replaces Avid Studio on iOS
> iNEWS: Final Draft Writer for iOS Released
> FUN NEWS: Non-working Apple I Up for Auction

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Running Time: 1:08:44


  1. Another great show! Loved the comparison with a toaster and a canyonero. Interest point about how macs are departing to the iPhone/iPad realm, becoming disposable. I really dont like the way things are going… Seriously, no RAM upgradability in exchange for a millimetre thinner? Oh puh-lease!