For Mac Eyes Only – Master Mac Memory with Activity Monitor

Episode #272

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike shares tips for managing Mac memory with Activity Monitor, Spoofing iPhones with SMS, Data Center Brings Fresh Water with it, Mountie Gets an Update, Revealing Pictures of the Past, Why NOT to use Menu Bar Apps.


> iNEWS: SMS Spoofing Flaw in iOS?
> Apple Helps Oregon Town Tap Spring
> UPDATE: Mountain Lion 10.8.1
> UPDATE: Creative Cloud Subscribers Get CS7 Features Early
> UPDATE: Vmware Fusion 5 and Fusion 5 Pro
> UPDATE: Adobe Flash Player and AIR Critical Updates
> UPDATE: Oracle’s Java SE7 Update 6
> FUN NEWS: Engineer Images from the Past

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Feedback: Andrew shares his thoughts on why menu bar apps don’t work for him…and why using the Dock is much better.


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Running Time: 36:17


  1. George from Tulsa says

    Just reporting that this episode spurred me to search out why my 2011 Air running Mt. Lion was burning its battery.


    Turns out the Samsung Kies program that’s supposed to update my Galaxy Note is horrible. There’s an update to Kies, but it won’t install with the message OS not supported.

    I’m just deleting it from the computer. Since stopping the process the fans have dropped to a crawl.