For Mac Eyes Only – And the Mountain Kitty Roared

Episode #269

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Eric on Mountain Lion Likes and Dislikes, Apple’s 3rd Quarter Successes, iTunes U for K-12, eBooks Pricing Battle, App Updates for New Cat, Advocating Macs in the 90’s, Replacing Mountain Lion’s Missing RSS Features.


> Apple’s Third Quarter Financial Results
> iTunes U Expands to include K-12 Educators
> iNEWS: Apple and DOJ Battle Over eBooks
> UPDATE: iWork 9.2
> UPDATE: iPhoto 9.3.2
> UPDATE: Aperture 3.3.2
> UPDATE: iMovie 9.0.7
> UPDATE: Safari 6.0 for Lion
> UPDATE: Remote Desktop Client 3.6
> UPDATE: Remote Desktop Admin 3.6
> UPDATE: Improved Voices Come to Mountain Lion
> UPDATE: Lion DiskMaker for Mountain Lion
> FMEO.TV: How To Create a Lion Install Disk from a USB Flash Drive
> FUN NEWS: Apple’s 1997 MacAdvocate CD-ROM

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Question: Cassio and Darren miss RSS in Mountain Lion
> Vienna 2.0
> Reeder
> Google Reader
> NetNewsWire
> Newsfire
> Shrook


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Running Time: 1:07:25


  1. xercisenut says

    in this show, Mike asked “have you upgraded to Mountain Lion” – why or why not, so I thought I would write my notes here.

    I have a mid 2008 macbook (white), a 24″ imac from the same period, both on lion 10.7.4. I also have a 27″ imac (late 2010 pre thunderbolt for the imacs) in “storage” from moving out of a house and it is stuck on 10.6.8 Snowy.

    I am NOT upgrading to Mountain lion right now.

    Why –
    1. One mac cannot upgrade. The white macbook which lives at home and come on trips with me cannot upgrade to mounty because Apple says so. It is running great! It has a new battery as of 2011 (nipped in just under the wire before the warranty expired and with maxed out 4 G ram).
    2. The imac late 2010 can upgrade but I don’t want to have the 24″ imac on mounty, which it can do and the support mac on lion well because it really is a hassle for me to be explaining to other family members how they will work differently.
    3. I don’t have a burning need for features in mountain lion.
    – no iod devices in my house so all that integration “be ios like” stuff doesn’t help me in mounty
    – I have done ok without a gate keeper knock on wood so I I would like that but can do without
    – Even documents in the cloud doesn’t sway me because I have completely moved to dropbox since mobile me died and I’d have to re-change my workflow AGAIN in less than a year and I am unwilling to do this.
    – amazingly I got used the versions in Lion and since it didn’t bother my much less (if that is possible) other family member, I figure even the fix Mike mentioned isn’t completely necessary.
    4. Eventually I will move to Mounty and leave the white macbook in the dust or buy a macbook air to replace it, but not until a few more 10.8 point releases come our way. I really did the right thing with Lion and waited all the way to 10.7.4 and it went in on top of my Snowy just beautifully with absolutely no problems. I’ll let the skilled folks like FMEO team test all this out first :) thanks guys!