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Episode #264

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Eric on Replacing MobileMe One Piece at a Time: Photo Sharing and Galleries, the Throw-away MacBook Pro?, Mac Pro Finally Updated, Back to School Promo Returns, Mac Photo Apps Forcing Obsolescence?, Mac OS System 7 on a Nook Touch, Mac Maintenance Tasks, MacBook’s Fans All Abuzz, Another Vote for Freeway.


> Flickr
> FlickrExport by Connected Flow
> Picasa App and Web Albums
> Picasa Web Albums Uploader
> Google Axes iPhoto Export Plugin
> Shutterfly
> Shutterfly iPhoto Export
> Photobucket
> Photobucket iPhoto Plugin
> SmugMug
> SmugMug MacDaddy Standalone Uploader
> Snapfish
> Dropbox Photo Uploads
> 500px


> iFixit’s Retina Display MacBook Pro Teardown
> Apple boosts Mac Pro Specs
> Apple’s 2012 Back to School Promo
> UPDATE: Thunderbolt Software Update 1.2 Pulled
> UPDATE: Java for Lion 2012-004
> UPDATE: Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 9
> UPDATE: iPhoto 9.3
> UPDATE: Aperture 3.3
> UPDATE: iMovie 9.0.6
> UPDATE: Final Cut Pro X 10.0.5
> UPDATE: Motion 5 Content v 1.1
> UPDATE: iTunes 10.6.3
> UPDATE: Photoshop and Illustrator CS5 and CS5.5 Security Updates
> UPDATE: Adobe Flash Player 11.3
> FUN NEWS: Running Mac OS on a Nook Touch

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Question: Chris wonders if a separate maintenance utility is needed for his Mac.
> OnyX for OS X
> Apple Support Article: About Background Maintenance Tasks

Question: Rob’s MacBook is buzzing. What can he do about it?
> for parts and repair guides

Feedback: Dennis seconds Freeway as iWeb replacement
> Freeway for Mac


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Running Time: 1:17:15


  1. xercisenut Lisa says

    Hi MIke and Eric
    I really liked this edition of replacing icloud. This was one area where I had already tried (long before mobile me even) SNAPFISH, SHUTTERFLY and FLICKR.

    My comment here is about the share sites. (the sites not just sharing individual albums).
    1. TOP SITE BY FAR in my mind is Shutterfly Share SITE . So you need and account and pictures there then you can create a free SHARE SITE . What I like is a. they have templates to start you out, examples of each template, and an incredible array of customizing options for every section and tab on the site, the colors of the background . b. So that’s the UI but what is really great is the permissions. It would be hard to imagine a more exhaustive collection of options for public viewing of the site, just the link, member access and what class (visitor, member or owner which is YOU creator of the site) can DO on the site – post comments, sign guestbook, add content (via web or email to a special email address). In short, its great.
    Oh, and did I mention – its free. They want to sell you photo books and those pay for this!

    2. WAY back in the pack – HP’s Snapfish GROUP ROOM is what they call it. No templates, no examples and an ugly UI set of opttions. I have viewed others’ sites and I don’t like theirs either. Snapfish got the share bit in first I think, but never improved it.
    PS: Snapfish….
    I don’t mind that they don’t have iphoto integration to export cause their uploader when you log in is super fast and even a little better than Shutterfly’s other than the problem of the icons being so tiny I have to write down the IMG # of the photo from within iphoto to a piece of paper and then do the upload. I don’t mind this. They also seem to have slightly better photo print options in that they will give you the option to print true digital 4X5.3″ and I could not find that in snapfish – so you get cropping if you aren’t careful with your photo sizing.

    3. Flickr I can’t figure out their security settings and was worried everyone could see everything so I never even tried to create anything.

    Thanks again guys!

    • xercisenut Lisa says

      Oh Sorry at the end of item 2 I wanted to say

      They also seem to have slightly better photo print options in that they will give you the option to print true digital 4X5.3″ and I could not find that in

      – so you get cropping if you aren’t careful with your photo sizing.

  2. Lisa xercisenut says

    Hi Lisa xercisenut again.
    I wanted to mention that if you create a share stie even if you just share it with yourself (or another email you have) you will get free 30 4X6 prints from shutterfly via prints by mail. You pay postage and tax whenever they say something is free.

    Also, I wanted to mention that their photobook creation options and templates are far more extensive than Snapfish’s. I don’t know about comparability of prices but I do know that if you wait long enough and have an account with either you will get “save 20% on xyz size photo flip book or photo album” or someother meaningful discount (remember you always pay tax and shipping even if it says free). Shutterfly recently announced a feature to add instagram (IOS picture app ) pics into your photo albums. I made a shutterfly one for a friend with all the candid wedding photos I took and it was really fun and dvery nice looking in the end.