For Mac Eyes Only – A Tiny Piece of the iCloud

Episode #260

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Eric on Replacing MobileMe One Piece at a Time: Calendar and Contact Sharing, Critical Flash Update, Ending Soon, Apple Tells Devs to Sign Those Apps, Dropbox SDK Woes, Steve Jobs’ Lost Interview.


> Adobe Flash Version Checker
> UPDATE: Flash Player 11.3 Beta Update
> Apple Gets Ready to Hand Off Java
> Apple Reminds Users Ending in July
> Apple Says Devs Should Get Ready for Gatekeeper
> iNEWS: Dropbox SDK Skirmish Over Apple’s Cut
> iOS UPDATE: iPhoto 1.0.1
> iOS UPDATE: GarageBand 1.2.1
> iOS UPDATE: iMovie 1.3.1
> iOS UPDATE: Cards 1.1.2
> FUN NEWS: Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview Coming Back to Theaters

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Running Time: 1:04:18


  1. lisa xercise nut says

    I feel really stupid .But here is my question. You keep saying go to icloud if you are on snowy. But then I know icloud is NOT for snowy. Then you say you can go to mobile me.move and save your email. Does that mean you are on icloud even if you are on snowy.

    To be more precise here is what I want to do.
    1. I am on mobile me and snow leopard. when lion “.4” gets release I plan to update – hope it is before June 30
    2. I want to make sure that I keep my mail address if my lion install on 3 macs (no ios) goes bad and takes me to July to fix..
    3. So what do I do ? Do I do the move thing and then when I upgrade to Lion I can get contacs and calendar to sync 9don’t use iweb or photo gallery).

    Appreciate all suggestions. Again – I wonder if doing the MOVE thing in this podcast will prevent me from installing lion and doing full icloud. I don’t know now after listening what icloud means if I am on snowy. Please help this dum person (me)

  2. Eric Erickson says

    Hi Lisa,

    I think I might be able to answer your questions.

    “I wonder if doing the MOVE thing in this podcast will prevent me from installing lion and doing full icloud.”

    What Mike was referring to in the last episode is that Apple is allowing Snow Leopard users to move their MobileMe account over to iCloud. Your contacts and calendars will keep syncing even in Snowy until the end of June. Your email will keep working forever, but after June 30th you will no longer be able to sync your contacts and calendars through iCloud (according to Apple at this time) as well your bookmarks or notes etc. If you continue to use Snowy and have no plans to move to Lion you’ll need to find some other way to sync contacts, calendars, bookmarks etc. That was the main topic of this show and the following ones. What do you do if you have been using the MobileMe features and you aren’t moving to Lion, or you are, but rely on features like iWeb and iDisk?

    You certainly can move to iCloud now while using Snow Leopard. Your contacts and calendars will keep syncing and if I understand you right, it sounds like you are planning on being on Lion before the end of June anyway. It all depends on what’s important to you and what you use.

    This got long, but the key things to remember is that while you’re using Snowy you can move to iCloud and keep everything going as is until the end of June. Moving your MobileMe to iCloud it will not prevent you from installing Lion or using all of iCloud. Not moving to iCloud while using Snowy will also not prevent you from installing Lion or using iCloud.

    Hopefully that some sense and even answered your question, but if not, let me know.

    • lisa xercise nut says

      This was really helpful to me. I want to think “i can do it” and upgrade to Lion and not have to do the move until then. But if the mid June (I am traveling so I can’t do big system things until mid June) upgrade bombs out I’ll need to do that move thing on the email.

      This was exactly what I need to know! Thank you so much.

      ON what is important – it is keeping the family happy because I have to keep all our 3 macs going and being in sync…so I just can’t be bothered to have a bunch of separate apps to do contacts and calendar and I already have drop box to replace idisc (just gotta do what Mike said in the show and remember to move ALL of it out of idisc and to dropbox) and never used iweb or the gallery in mobile me…so I’ll give over and do Lion.

      Again, many many thanks. I’ll be writing back if my lion install after the summer vacation bombs out!!