For Mac Eyes Only – Is ‘Mountie’ Too Cute?

Episode #250

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Gary take a peek into Apple’s future and discuss the pre-release of Mountain Lion, iPhone 4 Antenna Issue Settlement, British Parliament Talk iPad, VLC 2 Brings Blu-ray Support, Apple Helps Devs Jump into iOS, Logic Pro and Troubleshooting your Mac.


> What’s New in Mountain Lion?
> Messages Replaces iChat in Mtn. Lion
> Here’s a Bumper: iPhone 4 Antenna Class Action Settled.
> iNEWS: British Parliament Look to iPad for all MPs
> UPDATE: Printer Updates Galore for Lion and Snowy
> UPDATE: VLC 2 Brings Blu-ray Playback to Mac
> FUN NEWS: Start Developing iOS Apps Today

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Question: Logic Pro’s Zoom not working properly for Cassio


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Running Time: 1:07:25


  1. Thanks for the fun news link this week. It actually is kind of funny as it does somehow advertise iOS development but the site doesn’t scale specifically for an iDevice (iPhone in my case). It’s working but only the Safari Reader functionality makes it really readable. Also must be a great way to make “newbies” sign up for a paid membership right away as the 2nd page states that you will have to/should do so if you want to be able to follow along. Just some additional fun news :) Bu I will for sure bookmark this myself and start browsing through it.