For Mac Eyes Only Special – Paul Kent, General Manager of Macworld

Macworld Special

Barry recently had the opportunity to sit down with Paul Kent, the general manager of Macworld 2010, to talk about some of the cool things we can expect this year at the show such as the Mobile Apps Showcase, Feature Presenters including Adam Savage, Kevin Smith and David Pogue, the 20th Anniversary of Photoshop Celebration, tips for getting the most out of Macworld, and more.

> Macworld 2010

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Running Time: 15:48


  1. rednicolas says

    I think the iPad could really be a great tool for coaches. How hard has it been until now to get a good video device, in my case to the pool, but anywhere!? This could be huge in the sports world if they promote it the right way and maybe add some features for this niche.

  2. rednicolas says

    Ohh … and did you hear about the name problem? Looks like iPad is already taken?

    Here's link although it's in German: