For Mac Eyes Only Reviews and Views – "WeatherCal"

Review #006

This week Gary and Mike review WeatherCal by Bare Bones Software.

WeatherCal 1.0 – $10


System Requirements:
OS X 10.5+, Universal application

Mike’s Rating: 4 Macs

Gary’s Rating: 3 Macs

FMEO Overall Rating:

Links to Know:
> Organized Dashboard Widget by iSlayer
> Weather Underground

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  1. rednicolas says

    The Organized Dashboard Widget is exactly what I was looking for. Using it and love it … thanks for this one.

  2. Brad P. from NJ says

    A shame that you're not going with the new shiny, but I totally understand your concern. I've only had mine for a few months, now. And yet, I'm trying to get frakkin' AT&T to let me upgrade to an iPhone… 'cause I *do* want the always on connectivity… I'll let you know how it shakes out. Then I'll have my Apple Netbook ('cause it's an always on, small portable web access device, so that makes it a netbook to me) … huzzah!