For Mac Eyes Only – "Prepare for the Pounce"

Episode #046

This week on For Mac Eyes Only Mike gives some tips to get your Mac ready for Leopard, starts his own rumor on what Apple may be up to with the Mac nano, gets help creating a new essential Mac Apps list, Jason of The MacBook Podcast stops by, there’s a quick tip from Garret, plus news on iMac freeze ups, a new IM client, some gaming news and more.

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> Apple Acknowledges New iMac Freezing Problems
> Cerulean Studios Brings Trillian to the Mac
> Bungie Now Free to Code for Mac?
> RUMOR: FIFA ’08 Coming to the Mac?
> Jailbreak News for iPhone 1.1.1
> UPDATE: iPod Classic and iPod Nano Updates
> UPDATE: Battery Update for 15″ MacBook Pros
> RUMOR: Leopard in October?
> RUMOR: Mac Mini to go Nano?
> RUMOR: Apple TV Update on the Way?
> RUMOR: Apple Ready for Third Party iPhone Apps?
> FUN NEWS: Apple on the Rocks (via MacDailyNews)

Quick Tip: Safe Data Storage — Thanks Garret!

For Mac Eyes Only Tip Sheet #9 – Create an Encrypted Disk Image in Disk Utility

MacBook Podcast Tip by Jason Whitener: Kill Unnecessary Widgets
> Visit The MacBook Podcast

Jason’s Apple Script Code:
tell application “Dock”

end tell

Essential Mac Apps 2007: I hooked up with some Mac friends via Pownce to create an updated list of essential apps every new Mac user should install.

Contributors to the list include:
Jason from the MacBook Podcast
Carolyn from Tech Snark
Robert from macCompanion Magazine

Last Year’s List

This Year’s List:
1) SuperDuper!
2) An Office Suite: either NeoOffice or iWork ’08
3) Growl
4) Mozilla Firefox
5) Adium
6) Cyberduck
7) Flip4Mac and Perian
8) Junk Matcher plugin for
9) Leopard!

Runners Up:
1) Quinn
2) 1001 for Flickr

Links to Know:
> ESC!Cast now on Pownce
> macCompanion Magazine

> iBackup
> For Mac Eyes Only Tip Sheet #2 – Critical Files to Back Up On Your Mac
> Other World Computing – External Hard Drives

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