For Mac Eyes Only – A Mac To Be Thankful For

Season 17, Episode 21 (#420)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Eric discuss some of the headlines of the week including the false dangers of NameDrop, a new Bluetooth flaw threatening all modern devices, Google deleting inactive accounts (and how to save yours), and a new take on an ergonomic Magic Mouse. In the spirit of the season, Mike and Eric then wrap up with a list the macOS features they’re most thankful for.


> NEWS: Use NameDrop to Share Contacts (Apple Support)
> NEWS: Bluetooth BLUFFS Attacks
> NEWS: Google’s New Inactive Account Policy
> FUN NEWS: Building a More Ergonomic Magic Mouse?


> New Outlook Forces Sync of Third Party Email to Microsoft’s Servers
> Brett Terpstra
> Macstock


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Running Time: 1:54:07