For Mac Eyes Only – Welcome to Macatraz

Season 17, Episode 15 (#414)

On this episode of For Mac Eyes Only: Mike and Eric discuss recent Apple headlines including how long the last Intel Macs will be supported, an argument for open source macOS (but settling on Linux), Firefox 117’s “Babel Fish”, PoE Mac minis?, plus a Mac app you should probably uninstall. Then Mike & Eric offer 10 Basic Security tips for keeping your Mac safe — plus two bonus security tips never shared on the show before!


> How Long Will Intel Macs be Supported?
> Firefox 117 Beta
> Not Recommended News: Mac mini with PoE Mod
> The Passing of British Mac’s Will Green
> Running NightOwl? You might not want to…


> Open Core Legacy Patcher
> Ubuntu Linux and Pop!_OS
> What is Silver Sparrow? (Wikipedia)
> Little Snitch
> Malwarebytes for Mac
> Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper!
> 1Password, Strongbox, and Bitwarden
> Esperanto? (Wikipedia)


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Running Time: 1:53:00